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Cambodia Orphanage 
November 18, 2013
Before and After the Super Typhoon

by Richard Fisher

 When I flew in to Cambodia I had planned to just deliver food for the Cambodian NLCO Orphanage in Siem Reap.  I had heard that there had been some exceptionally intense Monsoon rains this year and there was quiet extensive countrywide flooding. I wondered how it would affect the orphanage property which is just above the high water mark. When I got to the orphanage that first evening it was dark and depressing and the lights turned off for fear of electrocuting the orphans who were standing in ankle deep water.  Only candles for illumination made it seem very depressing, dark and even dangerous for the children, certainly uncomfortable. 


orphan -Orphans - Cambodia - Cambodian-food-dining-area-happy-3.jpg

Cambodia Orphanage food delivery.


That first evening at the orphanage we delivered 100 kilos (220 lbs.) of rice, some vegetables and a small amount of meat for flavoring. The children had something to eat that night. I felt so bad for them in those conditions where they slept just inches off the fetid water and had to get out of bed to greet a gray threatening sky in the mud.



Cambodian Orphanage, the original Sand lot floor for shower and toilet rooms.


Overnight I learned of the monster super typhoon nearing the Philippines. I looked at the satellite and saw that this largest Typhoon in human history stretched from east of the Philippines to Cambodia in the west and from far south Vietnam to China in the north. The weather men had no idea where it would go at that point but rain was causing flooding everywhere across the region.



Cambodia Orphanage, installing rock for the foundation for the new patio floor.


Fearing that if there were no steps taken, the orphans might be washed into the river already topping it's banks. As there were a few more days until the possible impact, we ordered some stone and concrete to lay some flooring over the sand to give more strength for the established buildings and give them a shower room and pump wash room clean floor as well. That would add about a total of 6 inches in height.



Cambodia Orphanage, the finished slab for the showers and toilets.


As it turned out the big Typhoon did not hit Cambodia but was followed by a monster tropical depression that dropped tons of rain on the already flooded country.



Cambodia Orphanage, working the earth for the new garden.  We purchased the green fencing, seeds and the watering cans.


We were very lucky and those 6 inches made the difference and provides the orphans a clean slab in which to dry off and wash their clothing, from an old hand pump at that.



Orphanage Cambodia, we poured a new slab for the
clothing and dish washing water pump room.


In the meantime, we with the orphans, built a garden and garden fencing for some locally grown vegetables and healthy activities for the children.



Orphans Cambodia, taking a break at the end
of the 4 days hard work with cookies and drinks.


Thanks for your support last year to these desperately disadvantaged orphans and the trust we built last season allowed us to do a weeks work in just a few days.



Gateway and guard of the NLCO Cambodia Orphanage.
With OuK Ravy, tuktuk driver, the fine young man who did all the coordination,
interpreting  and supervision for our successful project. Thank you OuK Ravy
to make our little orphanage project such a big success!  Good luck on your medical training,
you have the big heart for it! I am sure God will bless you for your fine helpful personality and kind spirit.



In addition to continuing our food support for the Orphans and some minor build projects, we are seeking 2 college, freshman year scholarships for our two volunteer youth. Ouk Ravy $500.00 USD for EMT/nursing school and Ouk Phheakkdey $350 freshman year accounting school.



Tropical depression Cambodia, Thank God only the outer bands of the super typhoon
came over Cambodia because it was followed just a few days later
by a flooding tropical depression that hit Cambodia dead center.


Thank you so much for your support over all of these years.  You are directly benefiting some of the most innocent, deserving and needy children in the world.



Cambodia season long flooding affecting the orphanage.


Urgent flood repairs needed at the Cambodian Orphanage now that the flood waters are beginning to subside, we need to do repairs and flooring improvements at the orphanage as soon as humanly possible. Your support is urgently needed for these worthy Cambodian orphans after the super typhoon.




 Computer Scholarship in Laos for Young Women.

Last year in Laos we met a very worthy young woman, Manivanh, who at age 12, was working so hard in a tourist cafe to support her elderly parents. She was really struggling with English to do her job and also with the computer but it was clear she had the talent, personality and drive to be successful if she could get a bit more education. We promised to fund her English and her computer classes. Then she had a family change and we lost track of her. This November we tracked her down and found that she had found on her own a way to pay for her English education but not the computer classes. So we paid $51 USD for 3 months computer training and wished her the best of luck as we know that with this chance she will go on to be very successful.

GO Manivanh, GO! With God's speed and God's blessing.

Our effective direct action model of giving food, education and computers to one worthy girl, orphanage or Tarahumara Native American village at a time where talent and drive are self evident is proving to be very successful and has given several young teenage women a chance in life that they would have never had. 

To send your donation to help the Cambodia Orphanage, please send a check to:


Wilderness Expeditions Ltd.

PO Box 86492

Tucson AZ 85754


Please make sure to note Cambodia Orphanage.

and you will receive a IRS tax deduction receipt!



Upon exploring some of the most prominent canyons in Cambodia I discovered that there was a critical need for young orphans in supplying food and further a scholarship program for the young adult volunteers working over these past years to build the orphanage.




News from Canyons Worldwide

Spring 2013
"There is no greater gift of Charity than Education"

and in the case of the Tarahumara Indians and Cambodian Orphans, Food.

Richard D. Fisher 2013


Upon exploring some of the most prominent canyons in Cambodia I discovered that there was a critical need for young orphans in supplying food and further a scholarship program for the young adult volunteers working over these past years to build the orphanage.



 Thank you so very much for our long term supporters and humanitarians!


We took on the Cambodia Orphanage support in the last moments of 2012 as a Christmas and
New Years Project.  It was a new country, a new culture and an brand new challenge.  Now that

back to our main Asian project for the Tibetan Orphanage.

it is completed for this season I hope you can agree it was well worth the effort.

We also donated the first year of college for one of the long time orphanage volunteers, Rany.
Everything was timed to be just right as it turns out.  The end of the year and the start of the new


With energy renewed we will start to move north and see what we can do in Laos and then in April


Here is the breakdown of the direct donated cost for Cambodia two orphanages and one College Scholarship.


1. Food 200 lbs of rice, 10 kilos Chicken, 5 Kilos Fish 50 Kilos vegetables and spices   $125.00

2.Tuition one year one student                                                                                                      310.00

3.Registration fee                                                                                                                                    1.50
4.Books - one semester only                                                                                                                8.75

5.ID Pin                                                                                                                                                       1.25
6. Laptop (Walmart Black friday Special)                                                                                    230.00

7. 224 books and writing pins                                                                                                           85.00

8. TukTuk Driver and food buyer                                                                                                  100.00

9. Emergency bank account for student                                                                                        50.00

Total project cost:                                                                                                                            $911.50   USD


The construction of new rooms at the Orphanage is going quickly.



Food buy for the New Year feast and beyond, about 12 noon.



Carry the food to the orphanage along the sandy 1 lane track. Youth helping youth 4:30 p.m.



About 2/3 of the kids in the Orphanage and volunteers and local staff New Year Eve 2012 5p.m.



 One of our supporters want to see the kids eating.  Here they are. Just beautiful. Above and below.

The person (the cook) who makes everyone happy in her kitchen. What's left in the pot when every one

is full. It was a fish soup.

Mom and daughter had no idea what to expect.  We got it done for them pronto and their family
is off to a new era in the first days of 2012. Above and below.
$310.00 USD first 2 semesters. What a good investment and future for this outgoing, intelligent as well as
gifted student, who would never have gone to  college without this scholarship.  And hey $310 for one year?
Come on that is a gift from God. Thank you for your support!

OK Built Bright University - good name, good project, good people!




Five required books for first semester $8.75 USD. Inflation?  Not here, and no college student loans needed.

We also donated the first year of college for one of the long time orphanage volunteers, Rany.
Everything was timed to be just right as it turns out.  The end of the year and the start of the new






For those who encouraged us to continue this project please send you check to

We will return an IRS 501 (c) 3 a tax deduction receipt:


Wilderness Expeditions Ltd.

P.O. Box 86492

Tucson, Arizona 85754 USA



(520) 882-5341