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Laos is one of the most pristine Eco-tourism, Adventure Trekking and River Running destinations in the world today. Luang Prabang, Vang Vieng, Plain of Jars, Nam Ngum Lake, the Nam Ou and Mekong Rivers are featured on this site along with Elephant Trekking and the Akha Tribal minority of Phongsaly are displayed in the "Most Beautiful in Laos 2012" selection of photographs by Maria Gates and Richard D. Fisher. Activities like river running on the Nam Ou, Balloon excursions over Vang Vieng and tubing the Nam Song river, visiting the Akha village culture of the far north of Laos, and on the Nam Ngum Lake nearby the capital of Vientiane, and are displayed here, in brilliant color photography for the current years of 2012 and 2013.

Laos is a beautiful and photogenic ecotourism destination.
These are some of the submissions by Maria Gates and Richard D. Fisher for the Most Beautiful in Laos Photo Contest in 2012.
Maria Gates was a prize winner and both Maria and Richard achieved Honorable Mention for several photographs.






Maria Gates won $480 USD in the most beautiful in Laos Photo Contest for 2012. Photo by Bill Chapman.
Maria is donating her winnings to the Laosian Orphanage. She is also donating part of her winnings to the
Young Women’s Scholarship Fund in 2013 for English and computer classes at the Korean Charity School in Vang Vieng Laos.


Laos Farming Woman in Laung Prabang in Transport.jpg

Laobao Farming Woman in Savannakhet Province which is in central Laos and this pipe smoking Tribal Lady was photographed on the Vietnam Border.
This is just across the line from the Quangtri Province of Vietnam, the fabled location of the Francis Ford Coppola’s
 Apocalypse Now movie released in 1979 starring Marlon Brando, Martin Sheen and Robert Duval.

Great photo Maria!


Colors and Textures of Natural Laos.jpg


Paning Nam Ou River Stones Hoping for Gold.jpg
Panning for gold on the Nam Ou River “Rice Bowl River” in north central Laos.


Mekong River Sunset in Laung Prabang.jpg
Mekong River sunset Laung Prabang Laos.


Pak Ou Cave.jpg
The Pac Oucaves on the Mekong River approximately 15 miles north of Laung Prabang.
As you can see, the cave shrine is noted for its hundreds of very small Buddha sculptures in all kinds of forms
including teaching, peace, meditation, rain and reclining which is called the nirvana position.


Muang Ngol Boats on the Nam Ou River.jpg

On the Nam Ou River in the Village of Moung Ngoi.  
“So great photograph,” said Richard


Alms Procession Laung Prabang.jpg

The morning alms quest by young Buddhist Monks in Laung Prabang. A masterpiece.


The elephant village is in a lush valley by the Nam Khan River in the ancient village of Xieng Lom.

River Joy Maria Gates – Bill Chapman photo.


Suggestion Example for Orphanage & Scholarship Program


Photos below are by Richard D. Fisher and were entered in the Most Beautiful in Laos Photo Contest 2012. Some were
recognized as honorable mention. “Beautiful People in Beautiful Places” is Fisher’s trademark signature and Laos
is certainly a place that has many beautiful people and many beautiful places. Richard saw the photo contest as a
vehicle for promoting tourism throughout Laos and appreciates the friendship of Maria Gates in participating in
this website, photography and philanthropic venture, the first of it’s kind that we know of.


Akha Puxo woman in the village of Boun Neau northern Laos.


Boun Neau harvest fire. September 2012

This is Boun Neau Laos golden harvest and the location of the Phongsali Airport.


Vang Vieng monsoon season is just spectacular, August 2012.


Japanese tourist photographs the Plain of Jars located in the Xieng Khouang Plateau.
This plateau is at the northern end of the Annamese Cordillera the main mountain range of Indo China.

The jars are dated to the Iron Age which is 500 BCA to 500 CE.


The red teeth of the Akha Hill Tribes women of northern Laos in the Oudomxai Province near the village of Muang Xay.
The red color is created by chewing the betel nut, a mild stimulant.
A beautiful young women of Akah Hill tribes with her traditional red ear tassles.
The author of the website asks any readers if they know the specific group of Akah that uses red ear tassles consistently?


The Nam Ngum River bend central Laos, September 2012. As the monsoon comes to a close.



Meandering bends of the Nam Ngum River near Vientiane Laos.


Vang Vieng sunset over the Nam Song River, October 2012.


Monsoon glory in Vang Vieng Laos.


The Nam Ngum Lake is the pride of Laos and a huge beautiful body of
fresh water in the central section of the country.


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