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We explore, document, and publish information on canyons worldwide. We specialize in Mexico's Copper Canyon; the Yarlung Tsangpo in Tibet, the earth's deepest valley; canyons of Australia, Greece, Bolivia, China; and extensive coverage of canyons in the USA. We provide indepth full color guidebooks, a few research oriented tours, and extensive cultural and famine relief to the Tarahumara Indians in Mexico's Copper Canyon. In most cases we often provide the only information available on many of the earths most profound, remote, and incredibly beautiful canyons. Our information and photographs are obtained first hand by professional researchers and given freely to the public, unedited and without political agenda or bias. This material is world class and to date has no comparable competition in this specific field.

Earth's Mystical Grand Canyons:
Australia, Bolivia, China, Ethiopia, France, Greece, Mexico, Namibia, Spain, South Africa, Tibet, USA and Venezuela.


more books including books on the Copper Canyon in Mexico

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