This work also features ethnic and tribal cultures worldwide including the Tarahumara of Mexico, the Pemon of Venezuela, and the Mimba of Tibet.  Tribal groups such as the Apaches of the Mogollon Rim and the Supai of Havasu Canyon of Arizona are also featured.  Ancient cultures such as the Anasazi, Paquime, and the Hohokam are detailed in carefully documented archaeological papers. 

 The details of exploring canyons, called canyoneering, uses rafts to shoot the world's most dangerous white water, ropes to repel into some of the earth's most mysterious slot canyons. 

In Australia, the Bungle Bungle Purnululu Canyons of the East Kimberly in western Australia are featured.  Hidden grottos and waterfalls are detailed in such areas as the Birrabang Canyon, Morong Deep, Bindook Chasm, and Dione Dell of the Blue Mountains in New South Wales, Australia.  Also featured are the Red Center Watarrka Canyons of the Northern Territory and the Karijni Canyon of the Pilbara District in Western Australia where it is possible to find the geological layers where life originated on the planet earth. 

Arches and natural bridges are found throughout the canyonlands of the planet earth and many beautiful photographs of previously unknown natural features are seen on these pages. 
We are very proud to present one of the most interesting papers ever published on the canyonlands of Mars by Goro Komatsu.  After the most recent NASA space missions to Mars, we have excellent photography as well as a highly informative and scientifically accurate text submitted by one of Japan's leading experts on the Red Planet. 
This web site also features one of the most incredible discoveries every made.  These are the selenite crystals in the Crystal Cave of the Giants in Chihuahua, Mexico.  Called crystal moonbeams by the Smithsonian Magazine, these living and growing pillars of stone exist deep within caves at a temperature of nearly 150 degrees. 
The editor and publisher, Richard D. Fisher, works closely with writers, photographers, and map makers
that have a strong commitment to conservation, natural preservation, and respect for native cultures and ethnic groups.
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