A Lost World

The mysterious, mist shrouded Tepuis that inspired Sir Arthur Conan Doyal to write about the "Lost World" are some of the oldest rock formations on earth. Rising several thousand feet above the surrounding plains of Venezuela’s Gran Sabana the near vertical, rose-colored cliffs of these table-top mountains, off which sparkling waterfalls plunge into a dense ring of tropical forest, are a dramatic and inspiring sight.

Isolated from each other and towering over the Savannah these fascinating mesas are biological wonders, each developing its own unique flora and fauna, which often exist nowhere else in the world.

Pemon Indian Tours

n the east of Venezuela lies an unknown and still undiscovered paradise of unique wilderness. With a desire to explore a pristine wilderness we use kayaks to navigate the Karuai River system twisting through Tepuis (table mountains) of Eastern Venezuela, and descending through a series of dramatic waterfalls.

This blackwater river hosts a wide variety of fauna including the Giant Amazon River Otter. Traveled only by local Pemon Indians the Rio Karuai offers a fascinating gateway to the wilderness of Venezuela's Gran Sabana.

Bellbirds, Screaming Pihas, Motmots, river otter, Capybara (worlds largest rodent), tapir, plus many kinds of egret, heron, eagles and more.

We descend the Rio Karuai in sea kayaks, quietly navigating this peaceful blackwater river interrupted by majestic waterfalls that we have to portage. Some of these spectacular falls drop over 70 meters.

Our local team of Pemon Indians are attentive to our every need and supply us with local delicacies from fresh pineapple to roasted ants. (Worth a try - they are delicious). The cultural interaction is incredible and perhaps a soon to be lost treasure.

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