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Canyons and Caves of Vietnam and Laos

Published on September 27, 2011 By admin

Exotic Canyons, Caves and Cultures of Indochina Text and photography by Richard D. Fisher with photography by Maria Gates Sapa Vietnam, Gateway to the Grand Canyon of Vietnam, is approached from the north from border town of Hekow China, a 5-7 hour bus ride south of Kunming Yunnan, Hakou is a tropical place hot and [...]

Nam Ou: Grand Canyon of Laos

Published on May 10, 2010 By admin

A friend emailed us this message: “Great to hear that you are putting Laotian Canyons on the world map and introducing new words to Sanskrit dictionaries in South east Asia.” “It would be a bit presumptuous for us to put any new words in the Sanskrit dictionary, but we were told by local authorities there [...]