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Grand Canyon USA by Canyon Lovers

Published on October 27, 2011 By admin

Grand Canyon of the Colorado River Arizona USA Spiritual Adventure land for Children and Adults by Richard D. Fisher with Maria Gates Rafting the Grand Canyon of the Colorado River under your own power is a dream of a lifetime and long sought after technical challenge as well as spiritual goal. Hiking the side canyons [...]

Hidden Canyon of China’s “Lost Tribe” of Mystical Pygmy’s

Published on October 22, 2011 By admin

Pygmy Grand Canyon Fairyland Yunnan China by Richard D. Fisher Developement is progressing very fast in the China/Tibet/Myanmar borderlands. After this summers “elections” in Myanmar and Chinas strong push for development in it’s far western provinces roads, schools, electronic communications, health care and tourism is reaching even the most remote corners for this long hidden [...]

Canyons and Caves of Vietnam and Laos

Published on September 27, 2011 By admin

Exotic Canyons, Caves and Cultures of Indochina Text and photography by Richard D. Fisher with photography by Maria Gates Sapa Vietnam, Gateway to the Grand Canyon of Vietnam, is approached from the north from border town of Hekow China, a 5-7 hour bus ride south of Kunming Yunnan, Hakou is a tropical place hot and [...]

Tara River Canyon of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Published on October 12, 2010 By admin

The Tara River Canyon/Gorge is one of Europe’s three deepest competing with the Vicos Gorge of Greece and the Verdon Gorge of France.  All are so close in depth that it would be scientifically impossible be certain which is absolutely the deepest. That being a geographical fact,  nationalistic claims can continue unabated, perhaps forever. One [...]