What Goes Around Comes Around

This past year one of our most beloved sponsors, Daniel M., supported us with a Macintosh Communication System. Not only for use with the Tarahumaras but also to support the Tibetan Orphanage and communications concerning Green Energy Projects in Tibet and China.  This Apple donation completely changed our ability to communicate from far flung parts of the world about education, culture, conservation, and environmental information such as Green Energy progress around the world.

At the same time another long term Tarahumara supporter, Ellen B.,  donated sewing machines to these Tarahumara girls. Upon delivering the sewing machines we found that these students could also email and were beginning to read, write and speak English.  We realized at this magical moment that if we could somehow obtain lap tops for these students that they would gain access by their ability to communicate themselves about their own people and culture on the world wide web.

About more than a dozen supporters came through with donations ranging from $10-$300 to this very special project. So Daniel M., has started a revolution of communications and information exchange which now reaches the most remote cultures and most worthy students.

And so….”What goes around goes comes around”.

A deeply heartfelt Thank You goes out to those supporters as well as Maria G., Sonia E., Mariah S.W.F.  and so many others that support this type of cultural education and exchange.

More new details to come soon!

Thank you so much for your support Spencer and Emmy M. and Diana for all that you have done to make this project a big success!

First moments of start up on a new era of Tarahumara cultural history.

Proud fathers look over their daughters educational and cultural progress.

Maria G. made this project possible with wise advice and critical emotional support on crossing the border as well as considerable financial support!

Diana interpeter and on going cultural advisor and coordinator for education and food deliveries. With a very happy Cynthia.

Education goes late into the night.

Some very happy campers!

Now modern IT Indigenous Americans visit an ancient Native American ceremonial site for prayers of thanks and education about their ancient past…all in the same day.

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