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Pueblo Bonito, New Mexico
Where Did the Anasazi Go?

The Anasazi/Scarlet Macaw Clan entered and founded Pueblo Bonita in 829 C.E. in the central San Juan basin thriving there for approximately 300 years. Through intermarriage with previously existing indigenous groups they migrated to the Wupatki, Mesa Verde and northern San Juan region. They remained here for approximately 200 years. At this point, there was a mini Diaspora to Hopi and toward the northern Rio Grande region on the Pajarito Plateau. The primary Scarlet Macaw Clan’s next migration was to the Mogollon region where they remained for approximately 100 years. In approximately 1375/1400 C.E. evidence provides that they went into Diaspora to the Rio Grand and Paquimé regions. The first migration path was from Chaco to the north and west and the second from Wupatki and the Mesa Verde area toward the south and east. In each case the primary reason for migration was caused by anemia and they moved to regions with a more bountiful supply of wildlife that supplied the critical and necessary dietary iron. This migration path is demonstrated dramatically by the construction of large, well made masonry “great houses,” ceramic design, three-ring chronology and Scarlet Macaw remains as the four primary markers. There are two distinct migrations each with three individual phases. The first was the Scarlet Macaw Clan: Chaco-Wupatki-Mogollon. The northern migration is detailed on the following page. Interestingly, the last areas of settlement were near wildlife areas along the Mogollon Rim and near Bison hunting grounds adjacent to the Rio Grande on the Great Plains.

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