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The “Chaco Meridian” is a natural rainfall event where summer monsoon storms associated with lightning flow north along the continental divide from central Mexico to southwestern Colorado. These thunder storms are filled with measurable fertility originating in the tropics. Richard D. Fisher points out that virtually all of the Chacoan as well as Paquime Anasazi political systems are geographically located within this Monsoon Meridian. He proposes that this natural phenomenon is the basis of the “step fret” lightning pattern that dominates ceramic design of those eras and is one of the fundamental foundations for Chaco-Paquime religion. Additionally he points out that it appears that fertilizer is the driver of these cultures. One aspect of naturally occurring fertilizer is rainfall associated with lightning which has an easily observable and strong positive effect on crops and agricultural production.

This satellite photo demonstrates that the Chaco-Paquime people were responding to a natural weather pattern that was known to them. Perhaps as the longitude 107.57 falls right in the center of this “Monsoon Meridian” this is the reason for the alignment of Aztec, Chaco and Paquime.

The research of Richard D. Fisher investigates the concept that these Native Americans knew what they were doing and why. Respecting Native American religion and culture provides the foundation for understanding and interpreting these advanced ancient cultures.

Two Anasazi symbols for fertilizer (above)

Anasazi / Mogollon / Point of Pines Fertilizer Components consist of rainfall from lightening storms, cryptobiotic soil and turkey manure baked in the sun. Potent!


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